Armadillos are an invasive species, not an animal native to Florida.

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Armadillos were originally introduced to Florida in the 1920's by traveling circuses and side shows. Predictably, some armadillos escaped, allowing these little pests to proliferate and threaten our pools, home foundations, and litter our roads with their carcases.

The word ARMADILLO means "little armored one" in Spanish.They have largish eyes, but poor eyesight. When surprised or frightened, the nine banded armadillo, most common in Florida, tends to jump stright up instead of scurrying away. This contributes to their high mortality with cars.

Armadillos are busy diggers, always looking for grubs and worms to eat, or burrowing in soft dirt such as flower beds, and in decorative hedges. Left to their own instincts, armadillos can dig under your home's foundation far enough to actually damage your home or inground pool. They are a pest.

Interestingly, armadillos can either swim across small lakes or just walk across the bottom, holding their breath the whole time.

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