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Wildlife in your attic can make a horrible mess with their feces, latrine, and birthing areas.  They can also cause extensive damage that compromises your home’s AC system, electrical wiring, and to the plumbing in homes that deliver their water through the attic.  Wildlife such as rats, opossums, squirrels, and raccoons create an extremely hazardous situation that can put your health at serious risk.  Raccoons pose the greatest health risk and may also be covered by your insurance. 

Baylisascaris Embryo hatchingSome wildlife feces carry a roundworm that is found in 40-60% of adults and 90-95% of juvenile raccoons.  Raccoon roundworm is extremely dangerous to humans and is the most common reason for attic restorations.  It is most commonly contracted by humans through inhalation.  It can cause nervous system disabilities, loss of vision, and death. 

Our attic restorations methods include a three step process:

#1. Our trained wildlife and construction professionals will safely remove the hazardous insulation from your attic. 
#2. Our technicians will then fog your attic with an environmentally safe, but effective bacterial digester covering all areas in your attic including trusses, the backside of your ceilings, and the underside of your roof sheathing to sterilize all potential hazards that come from a wildlife infestation.  The bacterial digester will also destroy odors and prevent them from lofting down into your home. 
#3. We then blow in new insulation to an value of R-30 no matter if your previous insulation value was lower.  Building codes requires this, which is a bonus for you and your electric bill!  Additional insulation may be blown in if you choose to add extra for those hot summer months. 

attic restoration by Molter pest and wildlife controlYou’re probably thinking “this is expensive”   We have good news though!  Like we mentioned earlier, your home owners insurance almost always covers the cost of attic restorations when the damage was done by raccoons.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recognizes the extreme danger that raccoon roundworm can be to your health.  Therefore nearly every insurance company in the state covers the process.  We work with you and the insurance company every step of the way.  We document the damage done to your home including the insulation, AC ducting, electrical wiring, staining to your ceiling and more.  From filing the claim with you in your home, to meeting with the adjuster and presenting all evidence for you, we stand with you side by side from start to finish giving you back a healthy home.  Depending on the size of the attic, our expert wildlife and constructions technicians can finish most restorations in 2-3 days.  In all but the most severe cases, you may remain in the home during the entire process.  Call us for your FREE inspection and estimate.  

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