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Squirrels can get into any opening they can squeeze their heads through, including rotten roofing and soffit gaps. Squirrels can gnaw into a roof’s overhangs, shingles, gable and soffit areas and where two roofs meet, or simply anywhere they sense a void. Squirrels can even get into the attic through crevices in your chimney. Squirrels will climb right up wood siding, stucco, brick and trees to gain access to your Florida home and attic.

Once squirrels get cozy in your attic, crawl space or walls, they can make a stinking mess and cause a lot costly damage to your Florida home. Squirrels will also return year after year, using your attic as a home base — squirrels have no problem living alongside humans. The hole squirrels use as entry will become a great place for leaks to form and a passageway for other nuisance animals, including other rodents, bats, honeybees and insects.

Most people think squirrels are cute and harmless, but they are basically bushy tailed rats. Squirrels climb, chew, gnaw and contaminate your Florida home. Squirrels can store many pounds of nuts in an attic and cause a Florida ceiling to cave in.

Squirrel noises in a Florida house or business can be very irritating and loud. During mating season male squirrels will chase females, and the chattering and scampering can be downright obtrusive.

If a squirrel should choose to die in or under your home or business, the dead-squirrel odor will permeate the living quarters, causing headaches and nausea.

All these squirrel pest problems will affect the value of your property. It is difficult to sell a home that has a squirrel infestation and actually, it’s required by law that you fix the squirrel problem before you sell your home. Property value can decrease between five percent and ten percent due to squirrel problems.

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