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Many customers look at us and say “What’s an exclusion?” 

Molter Pest and Wildlife will offers exclusions to keep wildlife out of your Florida atticExclusions are advanced construction improvement techniques done to your home or commercial building to prevent wildlife from continually entering your home or business.  Many customers say “My home is brand new; there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it!”  That is true, there shouldn’t be!  However there is nothing in the building code that requires a home to be rat, squirrel, raccoon, or opossum proof.  So, since it’s not required, it’s not done by the contractors. 

Even top notch residential and commercial contractors do not possess our extensive knowledge of wildlife to understand all the potential entry points.  On the flipside, many pest control companies don’t have the construction knowledge, experience, and skills required to repair your home and prevent wildlife entry either.  They will often encourage you to buy into their lengthy trapping programs without doing an exclusion.  That’s just not providing very good customer service.  If you don’t seal up the areas where wildlife can get in, then you could be paying for trapping forever. 

Rats and rodents chew anything in your home and atticExclusions require a special skill set mixing wildlife knowledge and a strong understanding of construction to effectively, safely, and aesthetically exclude wildlife from your home.  All potential wildlife entry points on your home where nuisance animals may enter are identified by our trained wildlife experts.  Solutions for all areas are formulated and included in the exclusion.  We then take the proper steps to evict the wildlife from your home and seal it to prevent further incidents.  We provide you with a written guarantee so you can rest assured we will solve your problem.  All our work is done aesthetically to retain its visual value while protecting it from wildlife invaders. 

Our services can be done in advance of a problem as a preventative also.  Preventive exclusions will save money as no fees for rodent trapping or wildlife removal are needed.   Call today for your FREE inspection and estimate.

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